Xiaomi CCTV Cameras with Remote Access

Home, office, street security system includes a variety of video recording devices. When choosing, take into account the purpose of the device, the type - analog or digital, the viewing angle, the level of illumination at the installation site, technical characteristics. Get a better product from a well-known brand. Xiaomi is a reliable and functional CCTV camera.

The need for CCTV cameras

The main purpose of a CCTV camera is to provide security and safety

Video surveillance provides tracking and control of the performance of work duties. It is used in different areas:

  • control of the territory - in an apartment, behind the entrance to a private house, in a warehouse, at an enterprise;
  • monitoring the work of employees online;
  • control of production processes - cameras are required to ensure work online;
  • prevention of acts of vandalism, hooliganism, theft;
  • control over the implementation of safety measures;
  • prevention of offenses - this role is played by all video cameras.

Each such site requires devices with appropriate specifications.

Types of video cameras

Outdoor camera protected from moisture and dust

Xiaomi company produces a variety of models suitable for work in the home, in a shopping center, on the street. Each of them has some peculiarities.


Xiaomi outdoor camera for tracking and video surveillance is equipped with a protective case. It is made of durable materials, often sealed to prevent dust and moisture from entering the device.

Main characteristics:

  • reliable durable case that is not afraid of mechanical damage;
  • the camera can work at high and low temperatures - special attention is paid to the cold resistance factor;
  • function day and night;
  • notifies about breakdowns or failures;
  • high definition - HDTV or megapixel.

In places where cases of vandalism are often recorded, the model is installed in an anti-vandal casing with shockproof glass.

For home

Home camera can be placed anywhere you want

The purpose of video surveillance in an apartment is to monitor the situation or the work of domestic staff. Here you can do with simple models without IR illumination, a motion sensor. The choice depends on the budget.

The Xiaomi home security camera can be color or black and white. The degree of protection is low, since it is not exposed to rain or cold. An exception is devices in humid rooms: models with a high moisture protection are needed here.

The main characteristic is the viewing angle. The larger it is, the more space the camera covers. If the room is too spacious, install 3-5 devices.

With motion sensor

Motion sensor camera

The software module of the video recorder or built into the software ensures that it turns on only when motion is detected in a room or area. The camera transmits the received signal to the control module, which performs the programmed task: records what is happening, gives an alarm, sends a notification.

The detector registers movement, calculates object volume and color. This allows you to configure the machine so that it turns on only when a certain object appears. Another solution, "mask", defines the area where the cameras track motion.

With internet access

Such a system requires cameras designed for remote video surveillance - IP.Each such device is connected to a computer and assigned an IP address. The video recording is transmitted through a router to the cloud or to a remote service and recorded to disk. You can view the records from any device: tablet, smartphone, desktop computer. To do this, install the necessary software.

Key features of Xiaomi cameras

Camcorders are a small part of the company's assortment. The models are different, but there are common characteristics:

  • The control and configuration interface is very simple.
  • Functionality - each next line of models is equipped with new options. There are devices in the microphone, with their own memory, with a motion sensor, backlit, with WDR support, and more.
  • Design - if on the street the external appearance of the model may not matter, this cannot be said about the dwelling. Xiaomi models are laconic and elegant.
  • Cost meets quality.

There is also an unpleasant feature: most of the devices "speak" only in Chinese.

Connection rules

The Xiaomi home or outdoor video surveillance system is organized according to the usual algorithm.

The equipment is selected taking into account the viewing angle, the area to be monitored, the availability of the interface, the availability of options. The necessary elements include: a Xiaomi video camera, a video server - a tablet or computer, cables for signal transmission (if Wi-Fi models are selected, they are not needed), a router or a GSM modem, if the recording will be transmitted via the Internet to another medium.

  1. Choose a place for installation and fix the mounting plates - with screws or by cold welding.
  2. Mount the camera on the bracket, mount the lens and immediately run the cables to the record. The wires can be laid in the wall. Connect them to your computer.
  3. Wireless devices are more commonly used outdoors and indoors. In this case, you do not need to pull the cables, you can immediately start setting up Xiaomi video surveillance.

Analog devices can also be connected to a tablet or laptop; for this, special adapters are used.

Advantages and disadvantages of Xiaomi CCTV cameras

The strengths of the products of the Chinese company include:

  • High resolution - good images are obtained from both domestic and specialized models.
  • Internet connection - data transfer, notification, object selection, communication with smartphones is possible. Xiaomi video cameras are the basis for the "smart home" system.
  • Compactness - they are small and very light. They can be installed anywhere: on a plasterboard surface, on furniture, on the ceiling.
  • Cameras are equipped with memory cards, video is recorded directly to the device.
  • The devices operate over a wide temperature range.

There are also disadvantages:

  • A strong signal is required to work properly with the Internet.
  • The interface is in Chinese, making it difficult to customize.
  • Sometimes there are problems with the installation.

The easiest way to control cameras is from a phone from the same manufacturer.

Model range overview

Xiaomi MiJia 360 ° Home Camera

The following models are best known on the Russian market.

  • Xiaomi MiJia 360 ° Home Camera is a home surveillance option. Connects via Wi-Fi, supports Bluetooth. It works at -10 C, so it can be used as an outdoor one if installed under a canopy. Equipped with a motion sensor with an option to alert the owner.
  • Xiaomi YI Outdoor Camera is a wireless model with IR illumination. The case is reinforced, it can be mounted both outside and inside the building. Night shooting radius - 15 m.
  • Xiaomi Chuangmi CMSXJ01C 720P - wide viewing angle, two-way audio communication. The device is connected to the Internet. Designed for the Chinese market only, making repairs difficult.
  • Yi Home International Edition is a home device. Equipped with IR illumination, built-in speaker and microphone. The camera can transmit a signal over several networks at once.

Xiaomi cameras provide a wide range of functionality at an affordable price. In its segment, the product of the Chinese company competes with the most famous brands.

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