Can electricity go out in one apartment?

Without electricity in the house, normal human activity is impossible. All household appliances, light, electronics work from electricity. Without power, people cannot do most household chores. The loss of electricity can be due to various reasons - accidents at the substation, breakdowns on the power line, non-payment of bills, connection of powerful devices. Before restoring the operability of the power grid, it is necessary to determine why the electricity went out. Each owner should know what to do if the electricity in the apartment is cut off.

Reasons for the lack of electricity

Usually, when the light is turned off, the circuit breaker is checked first.

Electricity may not be available in one house or apartment. If the lights go out in one or more buildings, the likely causes are accidents or repairs. It will not be possible to solve the problem on your own, so you have to wait until electricity appears in the house. A blackout in one apartment can be caused by a breakdown in the electrical wiring section, non-payment of bills, overload.

The main technical reasons for turning off the light:

  • Scheduled and overhaul of individual parts of power supply lines. When concluding a contract between the service provider and the consumer, the power outage period must be specified. Usually it is 72 hours per year. Without interruption, electricity cannot be cut out for more than 24 hours. Before carrying out work, the consumer is notified.
  • Scheduled repair of the power supply line

    Emergency situations. Associated with full or partial output of the power supply system. The light can be cut out without warning, the shutdown period is not limited. The power supply will turn on after the failure is eliminated.

  • Natural disasters, emergencies. Homes can also be de-energized without warning. The light should turn on after the end of the disaster.
  • Wiring faults. In case of an unsatisfactory state of the electrical network, the consumer has the right to turn off the electricity. The decision is made by Rostekhnadzor or the housing inspectorate. The consumer is obliged to be notified.
  • One of the reasons for the lack of light is a short circuit

    Problems with the machine. It can cut out plugs in the case of an incorrectly selected device.

  • Short circuit. It can close both a section of an electrical wiring and any device.
  • Overload. If you use several powerful household appliances on one line or exceed the permissible rate, the light will go out and electricity will periodically disappear.

The replacement of the grid company is also the reason for the power outage. The old supplier is removed from the obligation to supply electricity to the house, and it may disappear.

Algorithm of actions

It is necessary to inspect all devices connected to the network

If the light in the apartment is turned off, the first thing to check is whether the neighbors have electricity. In the absence of electricity in one apartment, you should look for a problem. To do this, you need to provide yourself with a source of lighting - it can be a flashlight, candle, matches.

Next, you need to carefully inspect the devices connected to the network. If the appliance has a burning smell or burnt parts are visible, it must be carefully disconnected from the power supply with one hand, without touching the exposed parts of the wires. All powerful household appliances should also be turned off.

There are cases in which it is impossible to solve the problem on your own, you need to call an electrician:

  • the appearance of sparks from the outlet, shield;
  • the smell of burnt plastic from the wiring;
  • receiving a message about a planned outage.
When the machine is triggered in the dashboard, before turning it on, it is necessary to conduct a visual inspection

For the first two reasons, the light can go out due to problems with the wiring. Only a professional is obliged to fix this problem, it is forbidden to repair the wiring on your own. In the latter case, the shutdown is planned, and residents will be warned that the lighting will be turned off for a certain period.

When the light goes out in the apartment, the machines can be turned on or off. If any machine is disabled, it is not recommended to activate it immediately. You must first carefully inspect the insulation - it must be free of damage or darkening. All manipulations should be carried out with one hand - the other does not touch anything. Corks can be knocked out because of a household appliance (for example, because of an old iron). Then the device must be unplugged. Only after these actions is it allowed to turn on the machine. If the light in the apartment has turned off, but the machines are on, you need to call the master.

It is worth looking at the electricity meter. On newer devices, the red LED will turn on and off; on older devices, you will hear a rattling sound. If there is no sound or blinking, no electricity is supplied.

If, after turning on the circuit breakers, electricity does not appear, you need to call an electrician.

Where to go

If the light goes out in the whole house, you need to find out if any of the neighbors called the emergency service or the housing office. If so, you should wait for a decision from the relevant services and power supply. Otherwise, you must independently call the management company or emergency service. The number is on the receipt.

The owner must know the following numbers:

  • Emergency dispatch service of the management company. The number is indicated on the receipt.
  • The number of the city operational dispatch service.
  • Rescue service number. He is one - 112.
  • Dispatch service number of Energosbyt.

These contacts will help if the apartment has lost electricity.

Power outage for non-payment

Power outages for non-payment are warned in advance

Power can be cut off for utility bills. The procedure is prescribed by law and has no right to be violated. If the light goes out without following the procedure, you can go to court.

The disconnection order is as follows:

  • The owner has bills in arrears in excess of two months' payment.
  • The service provider (management company, housing office) notifies the owner of the debts in a proper way. The notice is delivered personally to the owner.
  • After notification within 20 days, the owner closes the debts.
  • If the debt is not paid, another notification is sent after 20 days.
  • If, after the second notification, the debt is not repaid within three days, a new notification may be sent again, or the supply of electricity to the apartment immediately stops, depending on the decision of the service provider.

Electricity is supplied by sealing the corresponding meters. Representatives of the management company come with a master and perform sealing of the metering device and shutdown. Recovery takes place only after the full payment of debts for utility bills and notification of the appropriate service. Usually, the connection is carried out within a day after the payment has been made.
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    If you are in the village, it is better if the light goes out, you need to pull out all the plugs from the sockets except for the refrigerator, the refrigerator will help you understand if there is electricity, then unscrew the potron from the meter and replace the copper wire if it disconnected or burned out, insert it back if everything is in order, then perhaps the contacts have moved away the main thing so that the phase does not burn out